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Body Skin Care

Herbal Rich Deo Powder

Code : AC-002

Deodorant powder, contains the Tanaka powder, merging with the value of Vitamin E and Pure Pearl powder, helps nourish the skin to be soft, moisturized, not dry, and also contains Menthol that helps give comfortable feeling to skin, reduce musty smell during the day

Code : X513

Deodorant roll-on all day long, not sticky texture, quickly dry, does not cause yellow stain on clothes, comes with a fresh fragrance, enhancing more confident in each day. Combine with Hokkaido Cow’s milk that helps increase the moisture, toning skin smooth, unite Witch Hazels to help tightening pores, revealing underarm beautiful skin, looks smooth naturally

Code : AC-001

Toner to wipe the armpit skin, to make skin smooth, stop ingrown hairs skin problem with the value of Protease enzymes that helps to exfoliate dead skin cells to peel off gently, and Papain enzymes derived from papaya that helps to eliminate the stained which unable to clean thoroughly at the out of reach area. It can be applied on knees, elbows, astragalus, back neck skin, provides skin radiant and evenly smooth

Body Skin Care

White Deo Spray

Code : X466

New innovation of deodorant spray, comes with various benefits, which is not only helps to suppress sweats also helps to adjusting skin brighten in one step, with active substances of Fruits Acid extracts total 7 types, combine with Arbutin, Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. Enhancing the confident with Papaya enzymes that helps to adjust skin to smooth, also Witch Hazels extract helps to tightening pores to smooth, bright, soft and moist, and helps to suppress body odor without leaving white stained and yellow stained on clothes effectively

Code : X570

Roll-on, refreshing to powder, is special designed texture as perfectly, comes with the comfortable dryness, give you cool fresh every time to apply, helps to reduce sticky feeling while you’re sweating or exercising, can be applied at armpit area to reduce the sweats or body odor, also can be applied at the groin, buttocks where the dampness arise during the outdoor activities. Added skin care value, to reduce allergic skin problems, easily irritated problem which caused by the dampness. Stopping those problems by natural extracts of Black Current, Rosemarry, Sunflower and Vitamin E, those all have been certified that be ‘Organic’ and safe for user

Code : X467

Underarm skin care cream, contained with natural active ingredients such as AHA obtained from Apricots, Guava, Grapes, Mango, Peach, Strawberries and Raspberries, combined with Arbutin and Glutathione help to enhance the efficiency make underarm skin white and radiant more. Also helps to toning skin smooth softer by the value of Vitamin E and Bacillus Ferment, added super nourishment with enzymes of Papaya that make skin brighter smooth and reduce the body odor as well.

Body Skin Care

Bright Smooth Armpit

Code : X323

Underarm skin care cream helps the underarm skin looks radiant with natural active ingredients of Mixed Fruits extracts, can helps shed dead skin cells to peel off gently, without hurting skin, also helps to suppress the musty odor and suppress unpleasant body odor, make you feel confident for all day