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Anti Aging Care

Baby Younger Face Serum

Code : AAG-001

Facial skin soft & look young with nourishing serum from argan oil that grows in Morocco. And coconut oil obtained from cold extraction rich in Vitamin E. Beneficial fatty acids for the skin can penetrate into the skin well. Helps to provide the most moisture to the skin & solve the problem of dry skin as well. Revitalize the skin from sun damage. Leaves your skin smooth, soft and radiant. It is also beneficial for the hair. Helps restore hair to be soft and smooth. Strong from root to tip, reduce breakage, split ends of the hair. For beautiful, shiny hair looks healthy all around.

Code : X033

Skin care cream to reduce wrinkles and moisturize the skin with Co-Enzyme Q10 to boost the energy to skin cells stronger ready to facing the pollution and sunlight in each day, providing the moisture in one combination with Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E that enhance skin brighten make skin looks smooth pinkish naturally

Code : X058

Intensive gel-cream helps to stimulates collagen production and prevents the occurrence of glycation process in skin that causes of collagen destruction, resulting in reduced flexibility and cause of age wrinkles. With Soybean seed, Rice Germ and Peptides extracts. Beside it helps to restoring firmness with a light gel-cream texture that absorbs quickly like having water to nourish the skin all the time.

Anti Aging Care

Add Hydra Facial Cream

Code : G010

Increase skin moisturized and astringent skin with Aloe Vera extract and Centella asiatica extract that helps to slowing down aging process which caused by skin dehydration during the day. Also helps skin moisturized and stay in the skin for a long time, increase the flexibility, firm and smooth naturally. It also combined with Green Tea extract which has antioxidant property and Vitamin B3 that helps the skin looks more radiant

Code : G005

Concentrated Placenta Serum provides good absorption, strengthens the skin cells initially step combined with Marine Plankton extract and soy proteins which provide energy to skin cells, reduce wrinkles effectively, also enhances the moisture and elasticity to skin as second step with Mulberry extract and Manuka Honey give soft and moist skin, stop time of skin to stay in the youthfulness period

Code : X130

The innovative Liposome helps to bring the substances that make facial skin tighten, reduce wrinkles and radiance precisely, with the powerful Stem Cell culture of Argan Plant and make face looks brighter with Hordeum Vulgare Seed Extract and Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract, make freckles and dark spots faded, reduce wrinkles caused by Expression visibly with the value of Acmella Oleracea Extract that helps to remain skin youthful

Anti Aging Care

Rosy Skin Aqua Moist Gel

Code : X615

With the valuable of Rose Water extracts which is designed to pampering the skin to look youth, smooth, and touching, extra adding extra feature by Beads that can disintegrate while applying, also give fresh Vitamin E combines with Hyaluronic extracted from Cucumber, Witch Hazel and Polysaccharides, directo to enhancing the efficiency to give the moisture to the skin, helps keeping hydrated and plump, skin care to soft, elastic and youthful, eye-catching and impressive to the people

Code : X664/XX078

Skin care technology, when applied onto the skin the cream would dissolves as water, give a wonderful touch feeling, skin comfortable, not sticky. Also has the nourishment with small Amino Acids and combined with Peptides, to help reducing the signs of aging, skin care to look younger, added a softness another step to the skin with cow’s milk Hokkaido, Witch Hazels and Wild Yam extracts that helps the skin looks elastic, moist and fuller, as if the skin has been pampered all the times.

Anti Aging Care

Peptide Collagen Gel

Code : X110

Peptide Collagen Facial gel, provides the moisture to skin, reduce wrinkles effectively by Peptides that acts to prevent cells deterioration and increase the strength for collagen that makes the skin looks soft, smooth, and combined with Marine Plankton and Wild Yam extracts that delivered the power to skin cell, result in revealing healthy skin, elasticity, obviously looks younger