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Code : BLU-006

New Innovation cream blush the hard texture dissolves slightly according to the skin temperature, when touched with a finger, making it easy to blend the color evenly. Hi-Pigments, long-lasting, waterproof, sweat-proof, feels light, comfortable, non-greasy & does not leave greasy. Skin looks bright, colorful with a variety of shades. You can choose & modify according to the style of each person. Enriched with 4 types of hyaluronic acid from Hyamagic 4D, combined with Wild Yam Extract & Vitamin B3 to help the skin moisturized, elastic skin, looks radiant. And Snow Lotus Extract helps to soothe the skin, Helps reduce irritation & restores skin to look healthy.

Blush On

Creamy Blush On

Code : BLU-005

Mousse Blush on, it texture a velvet-like feeling, easy application, durable formula, waterproof, sweat resistant, well-cope to all conditions, color was blended to fit for makeup style on your way

Code : BLU-004

Cushion Blush on, serve you sweetly color, long-lasting, no stain remain, there are either shimmer added and non shimmer formula, matte texture makes you cool !

Code : BLU-003

Pudding blush texture, the blush texture is packed in the case, due to it is unique and innovative texture the elasticity that makes texture is fine so it does not crack once the case fallen. It property provides the lightness and comfort while give dominant color, beautiful cheeks which lead you get an eye-catching

Code : BLU-002

Pressed powder blush on, it textures adhere to the skin very well. There are glitters and no glitter formula, the vivid pigment could make your cheeks colorful glow you would enjoy with making-up on your way

Code : BLU-001

Pressed powder blush on with the texture that stick well to skin, there are glitter and without glitter formula, bold pigment with the nourishment substance cow milk from Hokkaido, Saussurea Involucrata extract, Portulaca extract that make your cheek moisturized, soft, glowing, colorful, enjoying in making up on your style

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