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Cream Facial Moisturizing Care

All Day Concentrate Moisture Cream

Code : MC-002

Intensive moisturizer cream helps to revitalizing rough skin, cracked skin, dry skin, attaches moisture to the skin for a long time, like a magnet. With extracts from sugar molecules that are structurally similar to human skin. It can maintain moisture for up to 72 hours, enhanced with Hydroviton24 & its amino acid derivatives. Make your skin look radiant & plump, packed with essential substances that help to nourish the skin a step further from aloe vera, cucumber, green tea, asiatica, and horsetail extract. Helps nourish the skin to be smooth, soft, flexible, soothe the skin, reduce the burning of the skin from the sun. It also contains wich hazel extract to tighten pores, making the skin look naturally smooth. Gentle with extracts from portulaca extract, snow lotus & allantoin help to soothe the skin, reduce irritation. The skin looks younger, looking bright & lively.

Facial Moisturizing Care

Natural Aloe Vera Gel

Code : X167

Light weight texture gel with aloe vera extract that is rich in vitamins, minerals, various amino acids. Including nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. Helps to reduce dark spots from acne to fade. Combined with cucumber extract to soothe the skin. Reduce the swelling & redness of the skin. Along with adding moisture for soft skin with soybean extract, hokkaido milk, and honey, smooth & firm skin with witch hazel. Nourishes the skin to look radiant & healthy.

Facial Moisturizing Care

Argan Dehydrate Serum

Code : MC-001

Revolutionary dry skin with a packed serum that delivers a new form of moisture to your skin, provide you the soft comfortable touch, feels fresh as if there is water on the skin, and helps to restore the moisture balance in basic level to the skin by instantly and continuously, long up to 24 hours, with the value of Argan Oil. Also combined with Avocado oil, Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Glycogen and Vitamin C, which promote the skin looks healthier, hydrated, smoother, more radiant until you can feel it.

Facial Moisturizing Care

Moisturizing Treatment Gel

Code : X122

Reducing Wrinkle cream, that comes with the ability to slow down Anti-aging process by the extracts of Croton Lechleri Tree, which has properties to resistance free radicals even more than Vitamin E, also acts to help restore the skin after Collagen in skin was damaged

Cream Facial Moisturizing Care

ACE Cream

Code : E004

Multi-Vitamin cream with the value of Vitamins A, C and E was combined into one, it helps to nourishing skin, reducing roughness for dry skin or dehydrated skin, to return to be soft and moist, looks healthy as never happened before, also helps restoring skin cells to be healthy, toning skin color to look radiant naturally

Facial Moisturizing Care

Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Gel

Code : E003

Hyaluronic Gel, is moisturizing gel helps retain 200 times of moisture under the skin for hydrated skin all day long, with the power of 4 Hyaluronic Acid types, also protects skin from pollution, and combined with Collagen that helps to reduce the loss of water from the skin, give skin flexible, healthy, soft, plump looks lively all day long

Facial Moisturizing Care

Aloe Vera Plus Cucumber Soothing Gel

Code : E001

Aloe Vera gel with Cucumber extracts that helps to soothe skin damaged which caused by sunlight and pollution, reduce inflammation, reduce red-puffiness, skin irritation, delivers the moisture to the skin deeply