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Code : FC-005

To nourishing skin to extremely soft by Spa salt for mixing foot bath water, letting your skin relax from the fatigue and pollution that faced throughout the day. With the value of Oil and scrub obtained from Coconut helps to remove dead skin cells. Also helps adjusting the skin to be smoother and give the moisture, helps reduce cracks-dry of skin or heels come back to smooth soft and not dry again

Code : FC-004

Spa salt for mixing with water for foot bath, with combination power of Camphor and Menthol helping you feel refreshed, cool and relaxed, letting you forget the fatigue that encountered in each day, give the nourishment with dried rose powder, Tea Tree oil helping in anti- inflammatory, reduce the accumulation of germs, reduce musty odor, provide the moisture, make skin smooth and soft, looks younger

Code : FC-003

Spa salt for foot bath, helps to relax the skin fatigue in each day, restore it back and looks alive with the power of Coffee Bean extracts, helps stimulate blood circulation, and added more moisture with Hokkaido Cow’s milk and Manuka Honey that helps nourish the skin to be smooth and soft long lasting hydration

Code : FC-002

Foot deodorant powder, helps to reduce an excessive foot perspiration that caused of unpleasantly odor with Turmeric herbal powder to nourish the skin and Vitamin B5 helps to restore moisturizer to skin

Code : FC-001

Roll on to stop foot odor caused of dampness during wear closed shoes all day, prevents excessive foot perspiration and eliminates foot odor, reducing an environment for fungus and bacteria to grow in. To stop foot odor and also nourishing foot skin with the extracts of Witch Hazels, Tea Tree, Charmomile, Vitamin B, Alltoin which helps eliminates foot odor, gives skin moist long lasting, for the confident all day long

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Code : X065

Dissolving essence for foot bath, eliminating foot cracked and exfoliating dead cells peel off slowly with Vitamin B3 and Mulberry extracts helps to restore the smoothness & bright for foot skin