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Merry Cosmetic Laboratories Co., Ltd. is Skin Care Manufacturer
Cosmetic Manufacturer For Your Own Brand.

Our Business for more than 13 years, specializing in production develop formulas according to customer requirements by pharmacists with more than 15 years of experience and control production according to
ISO 90001: 2015, ISO 22716 and Asean GMP Cosmetic.
Produce with us to sold your products to every corner of the world.
We are ready to support customers. Be a partner for customers.

Some Of Our Client

Our Client

Skin Care Manufacturer, Sunscreen Manufacturer, Body Scrub Factory, Brightening Facial Cream Manufacturer, Whitening Facial Serum Manufacturer, Acne Serum Factory, Shampoo & Conditioner Manufacturer.

Facial Skin Care

Hair Care & Hair Styling

Body Skin Care

Armpit Care

Foot Care

Bikini Area Care

Cosmetic Manufacturer, Cosmetic Production, Make Up Factory, Compact Powder, Lipstick, Blush On, Eyeliner, Eyebrow Pencil, Liquid Foundation, Create Cosmetic Brand, Make Up Manufacturer Up To Your Requirement For Meet Your Target.

Compact Powder

Liquid Foundation


Blush On

Eyebrow Pencil


Standard Quality Certificate


Process For Create Your Own Brand


1. Choose your skin care
or cosmetic formula.


2. Choose your packaging.


3. Register your skin care
or cosmetic with FDA Administration.


4. Design your Logo Brand, Label, Packaging.


5. Produce your skin care
or cosmetic with all the process.


6. Done for your finish goods products.

Create your own brand

Full Services 360 degree & One Stop Services


1. Formula development according to customer requirements.

to create competitive advantages in product quality and price. Skin Care formula development fee 3,000 baht per formula. Makeup formula development fee 5,000 baht per formula. Color adjustment fee 1000 baht per color.

รับออกแบบโลโก้ ฉลาก กล่องบรรจุภัณฑ์

2. Design Loogo / Label / Packaging

Logo design 3,000 baht, label 1,000 baht, Packaging 3,500 baht to be outstanding, beautiful, in accordance with the concept of each brand. and provide AI files to customers to use for other media. In case of free design company reserves the right dont’t send AI or pdf files.

รับทำเวบไซต์ website sale page Ad

3. WEB Desing

Desing website/sale page /Ad for Digital Marketing Online/Print media for offline marketing, leaflets, brochures.

Cosmetic Package & Accessory Supply Service

1. Skin Care Jar

2. Skin Care Bottle

3. Compact Powder & Blush On Package

รับหาพัฟ ตลับแป้ง

4. Powder Puff

5. Paper Packaging for Cosmetic


6. Make Up Brush


7. Mascara Tube & Bottle


8. Eyeliner Stick & Bottle

9. Cotton Pad Reusable