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Code : LF-004

With features like multiple functions develop for easy use, convenient, fast, finish in one step. Just apply the cream on the face, it will give you properties that are both foundation cream, help to cover the skin to be smooth & natural. And gives a smooth, light & comfortable feel as applying a matte powder. Enhanced skin care with raspberry leaf extract, blackcurrant leaf extract & esters from avocado. Help to control the oiliness of the skin, which is one of the causes of acne. And also helps to maintain moisture, making the skin not dry Vitamin C & Vitamin E help to naurich healthy skin, radiant, and Alpha Bisabolol to soothe the skin. It also has properties to protect the skin from the sun. Waterproof cream, sweat proof, ready for you to do activities confidently throughout the day.


Code : LF-003

Smooth & Luxury beautiful facial skin. With a soft foundation only one can finish every step as applying matte powder. Helps to hide dullness very well. Make the skin look smooth & even skin tone natural smooth, light, comfortable texture, easy to spread, not stain be confident even outdoors with sweat & waterproof, UV protection. And nourish the skin to look radiant with extracts from the bark of Boldo & Vitamin C combined with Avocado esters to help oil control & important substances from the Candia tree help to revitalizing moisture to the skin.

Code : X462

Light cream texture sunscreen formula, easy to spread, non-greasy, oil control, UVA and UVB rays protection, do not make facial dullness, provides nourishing by natural extracts that make skin smooth, moisturized, radiant and helps reduce wrinkles. Protect skin from external pollution, reduce the cause of premature skin aging make your skin look younger all the time

Code : X515

Liquid foundation with matte texture that is easy to blend, conceal and smooth naturally into the skin, give the face look smooth and get skin protection from UV rays that are the cause of dullness and premature wrinkles with the physical sunscreen and add another level of nourishment with extracts from russian wild mushrooms. Black currant leaves and raspberry leaves, Helps to soothe the skin, oil control and prevent acne. It also helps to tighten pores to look smaller. And keeps the skin moist for a long time, Does not cause dry skin and is a stain after use.

Code : LF-002

This liquid foundation conceal skin to look smooth naturally, not heavy, non-greasy, conceal wrinkles and adjust skin color to look smooth with liquid foundation containing physical sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays from the first second applied. Comes with another level of skin care with natural extracts from organic aloe vera, cucumber, portulaga and red algae. Merging with vitamin E helps to strengthen the skin, moisturize, soft, reduce sun irritation. And increase the adhesion of cosmetics there is also an extract of raspberry leaves and black currents. Which combines the power to help oil control effectively, Revealing naturally beautiful skin.

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