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Code : EL-003

Eyeliner to sharpening the eyes, creating dramatic definition for your eyes, gives distinctive sharp black color, dries quickly, does not smudge, comes with brush-tip enhancing the lines looks sharper, sleek, prominent all day. With waterproof formula and nourishing in-one, also combine with Elastin extracted from Marine Fish helps eyelid rejuvenation, plus a thousand-year Snow Lotus substance helps protect skin from pollution and sunlight, replenish energy to skin soft, elasticity and youthful looks

Make Up Products

Eye Expert Mascara

Code : BM-004

Eyebrow mascara is eyebrows makeup, after eyebrows are drawn, helps to tame unruly eyebrows, help thin eyebrows look fuller and healthier, enhancing it stay last all day whether drawing eyebrows by a pencil or by a powder eyebrow, helps shaping eyebrows to natural-look, by waterproof and sweat-proof formula make you live your life with confident


Code : LF-004

With features like multiple functions develop for easy use, convenient, fast, finish in one step. Just apply the cream on the face, it will give you properties that are both foundation cream, help to cover the skin to be smooth & natural. And gives a smooth, light & comfortable feel as applying a matte powder. Enhanced skin care with raspberry leaf extract, blackcurrant leaf extract & esters from avocado. Help to control the oiliness of the skin, which is one of the causes of acne. And also helps to maintain moisture, making the skin not dry Vitamin C & Vitamin E help to naurich healthy skin, radiant, and Alpha Bisabolol to soothe the skin. It also has properties to protect the skin from the sun. Waterproof cream, sweat proof, ready for you to do activities confidently throughout the day.


Code : LF-003

Smooth & Luxury beautiful facial skin. With a soft foundation only one can finish every step as applying matte powder. Helps to hide dullness very well. Make the skin look smooth & even skin tone natural smooth, light, comfortable texture, easy to spread, not stain be confident even outdoors with sweat & waterproof, UV protection. And nourish the skin to look radiant with extracts from the bark of Boldo & Vitamin C combined with Avocado esters to help oil control & important substances from the Candia tree help to revitalizing moisture to the skin.


Code : EBP-005

Because eyebrows are the windows of the face. Can be filled with gel eyebrow products comes with an eyebrow brush. Makes drawing easier & steer. Reveals perfectly beautiful eyebrows every day. Smooth gel texture gives a tight pigment & do not worry with the waterproof formula. And add nourishment along with the value of vitamin E Sweet Almond Oil & Cocoa butter helps to soften eyebrows. Combined with the value of natural wax ingredients that help the eyebrows stay in shape & retain moisture for a long time.


Code : EBP-004

Fill in the eyebrows to be perfectly beautiful. Contour eyebrows to look perfect from every angle with a pressed powder eyebrow divide the color tone into 3 shades to match with girls or boys according to different styles. The powder is smooth and easy to draw, packed with quality pigments. Along with keratin, vitamin B5, rice bran oil & oatmeal help to add moisture nourish the eyebrows to be soft, beautiful, easy to setting style, look healthy, not dry, charming to your face every day.


Code : FP-012

Coverage facial skin very smooth & brightening. Say goodbye to problems oily facial skin with pressed powder, smooth, fine texture, light weight, comfortable to facial skin, translucent powder texture, does not make your face over tone up. Features an innovative Ball Bearing Effect that helps spread powder easily. Smooth to the skin does not stick together & not to be a white stain. The powder can be added all day long without making it heavier. Plus another level of nourishment with extracts from boldo bark, strawberry extracts and pearl powder help to reduce dark spots. It improves the facial skin color to be even and dull. It is also formulated for those with oily skin with a mixture of esters from avocado. Helps to reduce excess oil on the face that can be the cause of acne. And protect your skin from the UV rays. Just one compact powder for every situation.


Code : FP-011

New experiences with matte powder. Coverage facial skin to look smooth & excellent blurring pores. The powder texture is smooth, comfortable, not stiff, concealing the skin color to be smooth and consistent. And smooth to match the skin color very well get natural look. The powder texture adheres to the skin well and lasts long. Does not stain after application. Enrich your facial skin with elastin, oatmeal, vitamin E, allantoin and pearl powder. Take care of your facial skin to look younger. It is also gentle on the skin. Helps for reduce irritation from pollution. While protecting your skin from UV rays, revealing smooth skin, making you beautiful and confident all day long.

Blush On

Creamy Blush On

Code : BLU-005

Mousse Blush on, it texture a velvet-like feeling, easy application, durable formula, waterproof, sweat resistant, well-cope to all conditions, color was blended to fit for makeup style on your way

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