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Code : FP-012

Coverage facial skin very smooth & brightening. Say goodbye to problems oily facial skin with pressed powder, smooth, fine texture, light weight, comfortable to facial skin, translucent powder texture, does not make your face over tone up. Features an innovative Ball Bearing Effect that helps spread powder easily. Smooth to the skin does not stick together & not to be a white stain. The powder can be added all day long without making it heavier. Plus another level of nourishment with extracts from boldo bark, strawberry extracts and pearl powder help to reduce dark spots. It improves the facial skin color to be even and dull. It is also formulated for those with oily skin with a mixture of esters from avocado. Helps to reduce excess oil on the face that can be the cause of acne. And protect your skin from the UV rays. Just one compact powder for every situation.


Code : FP-011

New experiences with matte powder. Coverage facial skin to look smooth & excellent blurring pores. The powder texture is smooth, comfortable, not stiff, concealing the skin color to be smooth and consistent. And smooth to match the skin color very well get natural look. The powder texture adheres to the skin well and lasts long. Does not stain after application. Enrich your facial skin with elastin, oatmeal, vitamin E, allantoin and pearl powder. Take care of your facial skin to look younger. It is also gentle on the skin. Helps for reduce irritation from pollution. While protecting your skin from UV rays, revealing smooth skin, making you beautiful and confident all day long.

Code : FP-009

Pressed powder that combines the properties of Foundation, Sunscreen, Powder for the result of concealing and protect the skin in-one, long-lasting texture, oil control, to help nourish the skin with Chlorella Algae (packed by the innovation Cosmetic Drone Technology) which can transform light-energy into energy to help revitalize the skin, nourish the skin as precisely and effectively, and merged with the stem cells of the Apples, helps reduce wrinkles, keep skin looks younger, restoring the moisture balance to the skin, to maintain the moisture instantly and continuously long-lasting for 24 hours, making the skin look healthy smooth, soft, plump and radiant in long-lasting genuinely

Code : FP-008

Talc Free formula Foundation Powder, has selected natural powder used instead of Talc, and it is designed for people who love the nature, and people with sensitive skin with Rice and Oatmeals powder that helps concealing skin to look naturally smooth along with the features in absorbing oils from the skin very well

Code : FP-007

Foundation powder that make you beautiful all day long together with sun protection substance, has the features to conceal wrinkles and helps to blur pores, make the skin looks naturally smooth. Delivery a good feeling with light-texture long-lasting throughout the day, with water-proof, sweat resistance properties. Increases of nourishment with the extracts from bark of Boldo, Vitamin E and Vitamin C that helps reduce dark spots, adjust the skin color to be smooth and consistency, has ability in oiliness control with Avocado extracts, also provide the skin moist, plump, looks healthy and youthful

Code : FP-006

Foundation powder that is not just work as covering the skin to look smooth only, it was designed to highlighting and brighten skin with Pure Pearl Powder and White Strawberry extract that making the skin look bounce alluring, spell every eyes and with the specialness of finery shimmer helps to presenting a bright and lustrous to your face dewy looks and healthy, also helps in oil control and sunblocking effectively

Code : FP-005

A new innovative in Multi Functions form, helps cover the skin and control oil as well with the features of FOUNDATION, SUNSCREEN, POWDER and COLOR CONTROLLER in-one, helps to adjust uneven skin tone to look smooth, provide skin nourishment with the value of Collagen that helps restore moisture balancing instantly and continuously long-last for 24 hours. Combined with Allantoin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, revealing facial radiant, smooth, long-lasting color, bouncy and aura spread all over your face

Code : FP-004

Organic formula foundation powder, suitable for people with sensitive skin, smooth and soft texture, helps conceal the skin and oil control perfectly, with the value of Argan oil (Organic Certified), rich in active substances that are beneficial to the skin, make skin looks moisturized, not dry, combined with extracts of Bearberry leaves and Mitracarp plants, to help brighten the skin naturally, along with oil control properties, prevents acne with the extracts of Avocado oil, Black Currant leaves and Raspberry leaves, give smooth and natural looking skin, protects skin from UV rays

Code : FP-003

Providing a beautiful glow skin throughout the day with a soft fine foundation powder that covers and protects skin against UV rays as well. Increase skin care for a radiant look, dullness protection with the efficiency of Pearls which co-working with the extracts of Wild Thyme, Arbutin, Glutathione and Vitamin C to help toning skin color to consistency, looks radiant, slow down wrinkles, and combines with extracts of Avocado Oil helps control oiliness on the skin, revealing radiant skin, and looks healthy