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Highlight/ Contour/ Shading/ Bronzer

Professional Shading Powder

Code : HP-002

Dust texture shading powder, helps to adjust the face frame to look beautiful like a professional, helps to adjust the focus of face frame get more dimension, enhance to stand out, reduce inferiority spot with the compressed dust shading powder, has the pigment tight and long lasting. Plus skin nourishment by the extracts from Wild Mushrooms from Russia and Allantoin that helps the facial looks smooth, also helps to retain the moisture all day long, give skin glows and looks youthful with the extracts of Pure Gold

Highlight/ Contour/ Shading/ Bronzer

Charming Way Highlight Powder

Code : HP-001

The highlighter for make-up that helps to creating more dimensional, helps to enhance the outstanding looks and beautiful for the face, comes with smooth and fine color texture. Plus the fine grain shimmer to give the skin glow, soft-focus effect. Also combines with the value of Allantoin, Pearl Powder and White Willow Bark that helps increase the moisture, reduce irritation, oil control, revealing healthy skin bright and shine, to spell every eyes

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