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Code : EBP-005

Because eyebrows are the windows of the face. Can be filled with gel eyebrow products comes with an eyebrow brush. Makes drawing easier & steer. Reveals perfectly beautiful eyebrows every day. Smooth gel texture gives a tight pigment & do not worry with the waterproof formula. And add nourishment along with the value of vitamin E Sweet Almond Oil & Cocoa butter helps to soften eyebrows. Combined with the value of natural wax ingredients that help the eyebrows stay in shape & retain moisture for a long time.


Code : EBP-004

Fill in the eyebrows to be perfectly beautiful. Contour eyebrows to look perfect from every angle with a pressed powder eyebrow divide the color tone into 3 shades to match with girls or boys according to different styles. The powder is smooth and easy to draw, packed with quality pigments. Along with keratin, vitamin B5, rice bran oil & oatmeal help to add moisture nourish the eyebrows to be soft, beautiful, easy to setting style, look healthy, not dry, charming to your face every day.

Eyebrow Pencil

Softly Eyebrow Pencil

Code : EBP-003

Super soft eyebrow pencil formula, easy-to-draw, give consistency color eyebrows, looks beautiful naturally also keep eyebrows looks moisturized, supple by nourishment substances are Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. With waterproof and sweat-proof formula make color adhere long-lasting resulting in beautifully sharp eyebrows for whole day

Code : EBP-002

Medium hardness eyebrow pencil formula providing softness while drawing, smooth texture, easy-to-draw, long-lasting color. With waterproof and sweat-proof formula gives you ready to go all day long with confident, comes with nourishment substances such as Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E and Olive Oil that helps skin around eyebrows supple and better moisturized

Code : EBP-001

Hard texture eyebrow pencil formula, gives a perfect sharp drawing, keep long on your brows, with combination of Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E substances that promotes skin around eyebrows moisturized, supple, give color adhere long-lasting. With waterproof and swea-tproof formula make you can facing with the activities throughout the day

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