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Blush On

Creamy Blush On

Code : BLU-005

Mousse Blush on, it texture a velvet-like feeling, easy application, durable formula, waterproof, sweat resistant, well-cope to all conditions, color was blended to fit for makeup style on your way


Code : LIP-010

Matte texture lip palette, packed with high quality pigments, 360 degree vivid colors, cover & defeat your black lips color very well, be new person with more confident, provides long-lasting, waterproof & sweat resistant.


Make Up Base/ Primer

Silky Pore Primer

Code : PM-001

With the Blurring Effect of clear texture primer, Soft and smooth cover, Blurs the skin to look smooth and natural. Gives a soft and smooth feeling does not make any sticky residue. Anhydrous texture cream is waterproof and sweat-proof as well. Replenishes moisture into the skin with argan oil and vitamin E dehydrated skin and does not flaky. Combined with the natural esters derived from avocados. Help control oil on the face. Reduce the chance of acne. Advance with bisaborol that help reduce irritation of the skin can be used even sensitive skin. Reveals a smooth and soft skin. Prepare the skin before applying makeup in the next step.


Compact Powder

Finishing Loose Powder

Code : LP-003

The final step and important of makeup with the finery loose powder, with features to stick on the skin well, give a perfect facial skin, can be Bang all day long, with the extracts from the Willow barks and special type Silica, helps tighten pores to look smaller, increases of nourishment with the extracts with Sweet Black Tea, Collagen, Allantoin and Vitamin E to help reduce wrinkles, and nourish the skin to look smoothness, elastic, looks great in all degrees


Code : LP-002

Loose powder for the final step of make-up, give the feeling to the smoothness skin, launched on many shade in order to be the option and suitable to the color skin of individually, comes with Witch Hazel extracts helps in oil control and special type Silica helps to absorbing an excess oil on the skin, increases of nourishment with Vitamin E and Alpha Bisabolol extracts helps to reduce the irritation caused by sunlight, revealing healthy skin, make you looks outstanding all day long - Beige C1 - Beige C2 - Beige C3 - White - Pink - Green


Code : LP-001

Loose Powder smooth soft texture, suitable for all skin types, increase the confidence of makeup to look tight, adhere durable during the day, gives luster smooth to the skin naturally and flawlessly. Comes with premium pure Pearl Powder, finery texture that enhance the face skin to sparkling aura and gorgeous, combine care with Arbutin, Glutathione, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, that provided radiant, moist, and vitality skin

Code : FP-010

Pudding texture pressed powder, comes in the form “Easy-in-Use”, collecting the properties of Foundation, Sunscreen and Powder in one powder case which provided all functions of use, skin care the skin in a seconds with the properties of Pudding Powder that developed from Clay powder formula, dare to guaranteed it texture is soft, bouncy, can be concealed the skin to smoothness, oil control, water-proof and sweat resistance better, and hold lasting for more than 18 hours, combine with the value active ingredients 5 kinds of flowers, to make your skin naturally radiant

Code : FP-009

Pressed powder that combines the properties of Foundation, Sunscreen, Powder for the result of concealing and protect the skin in-one, long-lasting texture, oil control, to help nourish the skin with Chlorella Algae (packed by the innovation Cosmetic Drone Technology) which can transform light-energy into energy to help revitalize the skin, nourish the skin as precisely and effectively, and merged with the stem cells of the Apples, helps reduce wrinkles, keep skin looks younger, restoring the moisture balance to the skin, to maintain the moisture instantly and continuously long-lasting for 24 hours, making the skin look healthy smooth, soft, plump and radiant in long-lasting genuinely

Code : FP-008

Talc Free formula Foundation Powder, has selected natural powder used instead of Talc, and it is designed for people who love the nature, and people with sensitive skin with Rice and Oatmeals powder that helps concealing skin to look naturally smooth along with the features in absorbing oils from the skin very well

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