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Derma White Care

Aqua Plankton Essence

Code : DWC-003

Concentrated Essence that accessible the nourishment as truly, stop the dullness and dry skin in-one, with extracts of Sea Plankton that give the energy and protect the skin from the surrounded free radicals. to soothe the skin exposured to the sunlight, increases the elasticity and strength to skin, for smooth and soft looks young skin, also packed with various natural extracts values of Witch Hazel, Organic Goji Berry, Wild Thyme, and 7 plants from the Alps, combined with Vitamin B And Galaxies helps deeply skin care, for smooth skin, Pores become smaller and look smoother, add radiance look glows, oil control, prevent acne, with another level nourishment with a Moisturizer Complex and Amino Acid derivatives, make the face look hydrated and moist all day long

Derma White Care

Snail Berry White Cream

Code : X512

Rejuvenate the facial skin to be strong, allowing to cope with the pollution, offered with Snail slime ingredients passed well selective, which enriched with an essential nutrient for the skin that helps to reduce wrinkles and scars, restoring facial skin to be strong, to retain the moisture in long lasting, also combined with White Strawberry extract, the only one Patented from Japan, helps to brighten the skin, reduce melasma, freckles, dark spots and acne to look faded, enhanced with the extract from Daisy flowers and Licorice which help toning the skin to look pinkish naturally. Soothe the skin with Chamomile extract, Lemon Balm and Vitamin E, helps to restore sunburn skin, reduce irritation and increase moisture retention to make the skin soft and pleasant to touch

Code : DWC-006

Whitening cream, comes in light texture, smooth, and penetrates to the skin so excellent, with the latest complexity of ingredients which not just to reduce the dark spots to look fade, meanwhile it also helps to turn the white radiance up to 5 layers to the skin. Emphasized to creating the skin white radiance result, helps the skin smooth and fine, sparkling, darks spot decreased, restore, nourish, and reduce the yellowish-looking skin, restore the vitality, sparkle healthy for your precious skin

Derma White Care

Miracle Brightening Cream

Code : DWC-005

Brightening cream, for radiant skin, light texture, absorbed into the skin well, and sparkle the skin to look brighter, more radiant with 7 kinds of natural extracts from the Alps, help in the skin exfoliation process, revealing new brighter skin which smoother than before, help to retain the moisture in the skin, make the skin healthy from inside and glows to the epidermis, gives the skin look radiant, soft, smooth, plump until you can feel it.

Code : DWC-004

Skin care cream the perfect assists in one step for a truly white skin, with the main ingredients from the derivative of Resorcinol, that can help reduce dark spots, melasma, freckles, dark spots, acne spots, melanin pigmentation process, for better efficiency by added the AHA from fruits, PHA and natural extracts to help restore radiance to the skin, along with nourishing the skin to look smooth, soft, pleasant to the touch and moisture. While also helping to reduce irritation of the skin, reduced sunlight burning, revealing smooth and clear skin, does not dullness

Derma White Care

Merry Gluta Whitening Cream

Code : X596/02

Whitening cream enriched with Arbutin, Glutathione and Vitamin C from Switzerland. Combined with natural Mulberry extract that helps to inhibit melanin production, reduces the Melasma appearances, reduce dark spots and freckles look fade, restoring skin from dullness, gives the white radiance to the skin, added nourishment with Witch Hazel, Cucumber, Aloe Vera extracts and Vitamin E, enhance nourishing the skin to look soft, smooth, does not dry, looking more vitality than ever.

Code : X531

Concentrated Serum which is designed for women who love to nourish the skin with PHA substances that helps stimulate the skin renewals gently, revealing soft, smooth skin, pleasant to touch, combined with the value of Nano-level Arbutin, Glutathione and Vitamins. C, allowing it absorbed into the skin well and works effectively, restoring the white radiance to the skin, make the melasma, freckles and dark spots look fade, there are many kinds of natural extracts co-work together to increase the value of skin nourishment truly

Derma White Care


Code : DWC-002

Revolutionary dry skin with a packed serum that delivers a new form of moisture to your skin, provide you the soft comfortable touch, feels fresh as if there is water on the skin, and helps to restore the moisture balance in basic level to the skin by instantly and continuously, long up to 24 hours, with the value of Argan Oil. Also combined with Avocado oil, Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Glycogen and Vitamin C, which promote the skin looks healthier, hydrated, smoother, more radiant until you can feel it.

Code : X514

The exclusive formula skin cream, for skin care in premium level, with the advanced technology of Cosmetic Drone that contains Whitening Peptide to delivering the substance into the skin more efficiently than the general Liposomes / Nanosomes form, helping to solve the skin problems directly and precisely. Helps to reduce dark spots, melasma, freckles and add radiance with visible results, the dullness problems is locked down, to unlock and delivery the Whitening to your skin with satisfactory results