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Dirt & Makeup Remover

Water Drop Remover

Code: A005

Lotion in water form, is make-up remover lotion, even the waterproof cosmetics type, this lotion can wipe it out thoroughly, enriched with the natural power of Chamomile flowers and White Tea extracts that helps to soothe the skin during the cleaning process, by no leaving oily stains on the face. Combined with Vitamin B-3 the substance to enhancing the moisture over more, would assist facial skin not dry, plus the extract from Wild Thyme that helps to gradually brighten the skin naturally.

Code : A004

Cleansing products for sensitive skin around the eyes and lips, gentle fragrance-free formula, can cleanse water-proof cosmetics types in deep level and thoroughly , rich with the natural power of Aloe Vera and White Tea extracts combined with Biosaccharide Gum-1 helps skin around the eyes hydrates, antiwrinkles, care the skin around the eyes to look firm and always bright

Dirt & Makeup Remover

Get Rid Off Cleansing Cream

Code : A003

the cream for make-up remover and impurities on face, can cleanse in deep level and thoroughly. Contain Hyaluronic that adding the moisture to skin, and Cucumber that helps the skin not dryness after used, and restore the strength to the skin with the extracts of Chamomile Flowers that comes to add more freshness and softness to the skin even more

Dirt & Makeup Remover

Perfect Deep Cleansing Oil

Code : X233

The innovative of removing and cleansing in-one of specially formulated oils that has ability to remove the make-up and impurities on face, skin around the eyes and lips it can be cleaned thoroughly and gentle, without irritation, ensuring the confidence in the cleanliness, till you can feel it. Just wash with the normal water only the impurities would come out together with the Milk of this oils. Also contain with Rice Germ Oil that helps to keep skin moist after washed. Plus, the extracts of Macadamia Oil, Grape Seed oil and Vitamin E that helps to rejuvenate skin from pollution, revealing supple soft skin, and pleasantly to touch

Dirt & Makeup Remover

Cleansing Milky Lotion

Code : X018

Milk formula lotion, for wiping the dirt and cosmetics on face, it can cleanse in deeply level and thoroughly. Also has skin nourishment in-one with Hokkaido cow’s milk protein, merging with Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 that helps to increase the moisture, helps to fight free radicals provides the skin soft, smooth, and looks dewy can be noticed even while you are wiping and after rinsed off.

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