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Nourishing Toner Care

Pore & Oil Control Astringent

Code : X217

Facial cleansing toner for those with acne-prone skin and oily skin, with a mixture of various substances that help reduce acne problems directly. Helps to kill P.Acne reduce excess oil on the face. Make the skin smooth. When continue used daily after washing your face.

Facial Skin Care

Skin Refine Essential Toner

Code : X060

With the ingredients stem cells from the Swiss apple that helps make the skin truly refreshed and nourished. The facial skin looks youthful, smooth and with astringent skin. Tighten the pores of Witch Hazel Extract, making the pores tighten. Facial skin always bright.

Facial Skin Care

Facial Toner

Code : X215

Skin conditioning lotion after cleansing your face. Tighten the pores, Making the skin look smooth. Prepare the facial skin for further maintenance procedures. With the effectiveness of natural extracts Such as Mulberry extracting, vitamin C, B3, making the skin look naturally radiant.

Nourishing Toner Care

Expert Facial Tightening Toner

Code : C003

Skin conditioning lotion after cleansing the skin by washing your face tighten the pores, Make the skin look smooth. Prepare the face for further maintenance procedures. With collagen to moisturize the skin And peptides have an important part to reduce wrinkles.

Nourishing Toner Care

Facial Firming Toner

Code : X084

Skin conditioner lotion use after face wash, helps to tighten pores and smooth face looks, facial preparation for next step of skin nourishment, with the efficiency of natural extracts substance can helps to reduce the face oiliness contains with BHA that helps to reduce clogging acne well