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Facial Cleansing Care

Bamboo Charcoal Foaming

Code : X730

New Experience for facial skin cleansing with valuable bamboo from Japan. With the soft touch feeling of bamboo charcoal powder with ultra fine particle size up to 15 microns, it deeply absorbs & removes impurities on the skin without damaging the skin. Combine with Spirulina Platensis Powder, Black current leaves, Raspberry leaves, Vitamin E & Allantoin help to soothe pollution & sun-exposed skin. Take care of your skin to make it smooth & soft. Maintain long-lasting moisture after washing your face. It also helps to fight free radicals. Control excess oil on the face. Helps to prevent acne breakouts. For you to clean with confidence, revealing clean skin, fresh and lively skin.


Facial Cleansing Care

Gentle Face Wash for Acne Skin

Code : FCP-004

Clear face away from acne with a cleansing gel formula designed specifically for those who with acne problems. Gentle formula without SLS, SLES, synthetic fragrances & parabens. Allow you to clean your face with confidence. It soothes the skin with a combination of extracts from turmeric, plai, aloe vera, white tea, green tea & manuka honey. Helps to reduce inflammation of the skin in the acne area & reduce the chance of acne inflammation. Ready to take care of your skin to be moist, not dry when the skin is moisturized, it reduces the excess oil that is one of the causes of acne. Add more nourishing with benefit of Mulberry extract to help brighten the skin tone. facial skin not dull, looks naturally & healthy.

Code : FCP-003

Smooth & soft skin with the value of detoxifying the skin from real coffee beans that have been ground to a fine powder. Through the production process until it is a concentrated coffee scrub soap. Helps to cleanse the skin very well. Helps restore the skin to return to a radiant glow with a gentle scent that helps you to relax from fatigue. Add syrup for perfect nourishment with malt extracts. Make your skin smooth & soft. Helps to reduce wrinkles. Revealing a youthful-looking skin. Added additional value with extracts from ginseng, daisy & lemon balm. Help the skin look radiant. Looks truly alive.

Facial Cleansing Care

Caviar Soap

Code : X554

The innovation of crystal clear soap which transparent texture give the moisturize to skin, mild and efficacious cleansing soap that thoroughly remove excess oil and dirts while retaining skin natural moisture pH balance with a precious property of Caviar that provides the essence nutrients to make youth facial skin in long term, enhance the efficiency of white radiance, reduce freckles melisma dark spots by Alpha Arbutin combines the Stem cells from Apple, imported from Switzerland, helps to restore youthfulness and revitalize skin to bright & lively look

Facial Cleansing Care

Premium Berries Soap

Code : X610

This premium combination 7 kinds of berries extracts, the best berry family for skin care with a soft foam that no causing an irritation to the skin therefore can clean the skin deeply non-drying after washed along with nourishment for strong skin, healthy, soft, moist and touching, and also make the skin look naturally radiant, the freckles dark spots are diminished If using on a regular basis

Facial Cleansing Care

Aloe Vera Gel Soap

Code : X411

Aloe Vera soap Heal the skin that is exposed to pollution and heat in a daily life, it moisturizing to the skin, revealing smoother skin than ever, with Glutathione, Arbutin and Vitamin C from Nano White, Aloe Vera soap properties to clean and nourishing the skin, soft moist radiant-look, smoothen after used, add value of nourishment with Whit Hazel extracts helps to tighten pores

Facial Cleansing Care

Gluta Pomegranate Soap

Code : X267

Glutathione soap combines the power of pomegranate extracts, two benefit helps to clean and nourishing the skin, soft moist radiant-look, smoothen after used. Add value of nourishment with the Whit Hazel extracts helps to tighten pores and Vitamin C, Arbutin creating the skin looks pinkish-white add freshness to the skin with a mild fragrance.

Facial Cleansing Care

Deep Cleansing Scrub Foam

Code : X488

Deeply cleansing foam adding an extra scrub from natural, without harming skin, helps shed dead skin cells to peel off, revealing smoothen skin in prepares skin for a flawless nourishing process with a mixture of Camphor and Menthol, solves acne problem, containing Horsetail extracts to reducing oil on face and Coffee beans helps to detoxifying the skin

Facial Cleansing Care

Mahaad Facial Cleasing Mousse

Code : X192

Mousse Facial Cleanser with a fine bubble, smooth, velvety texture, helps clean the dirt that is encountered during the day well, provides facial skin feels completely clean thoroughly, remove all dirt, does not clog up in the pores, does not cause acne on skin face. Rich in extracts from Maa-had fruit helps reduce dark circles, restores radiance, smoothness and softness to the skin. Enhancing efficiency with Arbutin and Wild Yam extracts helps keep skin moist, revealing skin elasticity, looks youthful, radiant and plump till you can feel it

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