Formula research and development

Formula research and development

R&D division is a significant key for serving all our customers' needs because it creates and develops new concepts for the cosmetic market and comes up with new trends and gimmicks for each brand growth. Merry formulates its R&D action plan as follows :

  1. Product formula development for Merry's product formula standard to serve customers who have limited budget in starting their brand or want to save time. They can order this group of products for market trial.

  2. Improve the standard formula by modifying colors, odors or adding or reducing active ingredients to adjust marketing concept. This usually takes 7-14 working days.

  3. Develop 100% new formula based on the sample or customer needs. Customers can bring their sample product as reference for new formula development to enable Merry to obtain complete information for its formula development to served

customer needs as much as possible. This usually takes 14-30 working days.

Formula development according to step 2 and 3 will have minimum manufacturing orders, depending on cost per kilogram required by customers and product characteristics. So it suits those customers who want to create their uniqueness and have a higher investment budget. Upon completion of formula development and beginning manufacturing, Merry will not resell the newly developed formula to other customers based on provisions of the OEM contract.