Cream manufacturing company under international standards

Cream manufacturing company under international standards

Cream OEM plant with One Stop Service under the slogan, Choose Merry Cosmetic Laboratories

Now many people are interested in their beauty and want to create their own brands.

Successfully create your own cream or cosmetic brand in one step by contacting us and describing your needs.

We will help you analyze starting from the first step on what to do, which target group and which skin condition and what we can offer. In addition, Merry Cosmetic Laboratories, a manufacturer of creams and cosmetic products. provides a guideline for business planning and services that responds to all customer needs.

We are attentive to every manufacturing process to conform to the customers' target groups.

All customers can be assured that we will take care and provide consultation until completion of finished products.

Customers can check every manufacturing process or ask for consultation about our services according to One Stop Service below :

  • Consultation on products, marketing and brand concept
  • Product concept design
  • Formula development or product selection based on standard formula
  • Packaging selection
  • Application for cosmetic registration
  • Logo, label, box, packaging design
  • Label production shall be in accordance with Cosmetic Label Act of FDA
  • Manufacturing
  • Packing
  • Labeling, wrapping
  • Transportation

GMP Standard

Equipment and device based on Nanotechnology Encapsulated Operational procedure and period

  • Approximately  15 – 30 days (in case of availability of equipment and packaging In case of formula development
  • Approximately 30 working days
  • Developing from standard formula takes 15 working days Duration of formula development
  • New formula development takes 30 working days
  • Duration of FDA registration
  • Applying for FDA registration takes 7 – 14 working days
  • Applying for Certificate of Free Sale takes 1 week
  • Conditions of original sampling according to the law stipulated by Office of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 5 pieces