Complete cosmetic OEM ad ODM services

Complete cosmetic OEM ad ODM services

Merry regards our customer's needs in creating cosmetic brands which involves various procedures in making perfect cosmetic brands including :

  1. Product formula, reasonable price and actually effective.

  2. Logo, label and packaging design to spec requirement to order manufacture of packaging, labels, boxes to respond to each brand's needs as much as possible.

  3. Cosmetic registration with the Office of Food and Drug Administration and in case of application for export documents, it is necessary to contact the Department of Consular Affairs and embassy of each country for document legalization.

  4. In manufacturing procedure, after packagings, labels and boxes are available, Merry will manufacture, pack, label and distribute as well as print Lot No., manufacturing date, expiry date and wrapping shrink film as finished products.

  5. Brand copyright registration with Department of Intellectual Property to protect and add brand value for the future as well as preventing infringement. We put our best efforts and funds to create quality brands that win customers' hearts.

Our commitment is just one part of cosmetic branding. Merry aims to provide all customers with convenience when making orders for cosmetic manufacturing and obtaining accurate, straightforward information for the benefit of our customers. Complete operations for customer service is the key of our business to respond to all customer needs.