Application for FDA registration and certificate

Topic 3 Application for FDA registration and certificate

  1. Upon receiving manufacturing orders for each brand, Merry will register the product formula with the Office of Food and Drug Administration to certify that Merry is the manufacturer and the customer is the employer. Then the registration number will be displayed on the product's label or box. The registration fee is 2,500 baht per 1 product item.

  2. In case of export, required documents for application for FDA certificate include :

    2.1 Certificate of Manufacturer

    2.2 Certificate of Product Origin

    2.3 Certificate of Free Sale

Merry will apply for FDA certificate for customer only if the product has been registered. Fee for certificate application is 1,000 baht per certificate. In case of document legalization at Thai consular office and embassy of each country, the fee is 3,500 baht per document.